Maintenance tips


To protect, nourish, clean and brighten up.

Smooth leather is a supple leather that is very sensitive to external stress and strain. In order to protect it, it is important to take care of it by regularly applying a waterproof beauty cream. Indeed, this natural leather is extremely absorbent and fragile. The more you keep it moisturised with creams, the less it will absorb other liquids such as rainwater.

Before you wear a pair of smooth leather shoes, remember to make it waterproof with our stain-repellent protective care. This gesture must be repeated regularly in order to protect the pair of shoes in question. With time the protective agents disappear.

The beauty cream is a moisturising cream for shoes that stops the leather from drying out and cracking. It also makes it possible to smooth out any imperfections. The steps to follow:

  • Wipe the shoes clean with a soft cloth to remove any dust. If need be, do not hesitate to use a brush or a moistened, soapy cloth. 
  • Next, apply our cleaning and nourishing milk using a soft cloth and wait for the shoes to dry. 
  • Apply our beauty cream with a circular hand motion. Take care to choose the colour that is closest in shade to your shoes. 
  • After application, allow to rest for a day.


To protect, clean, brighten up.

Velvet leather and nubuck leather are part of what is known as "suede leather". These are leathers that have been sanded, which is what gives them this downy effect. This type of leather must be regularly cared for in order for your pair of shoes to last a long time.

In order to protect velvet leather, we advise you to apply our stain-repellent protective care which will make your pair of shoes waterproof before wear. You can renew this process every month. Be careful not to apply more than a thin layer so that the leather's pores can breathe.

To look after your velvet leather pair of shoes, we advise you to:

  • Regularly brush your shoes with our genuine crepe brush to get rid of dirt and dust. Brushing them also makes it possible to raise the nap, which as it tightens, only lets a little of the applied care seep through. 
  • Finish off your care with our Bocage rubber that will enable you to smooth out the little imperfections on your pair of shoes with great ease.
Finally, to brighten up the colour of your velvet leather pair of shoes, do not hesitate to apply our velvet renovator. This restores the colour its brightness, softens and protects your leather.


To nourish and protect.

Glazed, patent or reptile leather is leather coated with a fine lacquer particle which gives it the glossy effect. In order to care for this leather you can apply the Bocage Lanolin spray. It will nourish and protect your leather from external stress and strain. This spray will also make the leather more supple for added comfort.


To protect.

You can use our stain-repellent protective spray to protect your canvas shoes. It is not advisable to machine wash them as this could quickly spoil the canvas.