The brand

For nearly 50 years, the French shoe brand has created an unapologetically elegant style for men and women of character. Created in the Maine and Loire region by the Biotteau family, who still manage the brand, Bocage has always put creativity, expertise and attention to detail at the heart of its collections.

The brand was initially developed through a network of retailers who were looking for unique and original designs. The first store was opened in 1990 in Paris and the success of the brand quickly saw the number of outlets grow, with the brand now boasting a network of 137 stores in France and Belgium.

Bocage - La Marque

The little French brand

The little French brand has always been recognised for its expertise as a French shoemaker and for the strength of its creativity. With its French know-how, Bocage creates fashionable shoes which are a pleasure to wear (and are particularly well-fitting thanks to the brand’s expertise) whilst offering quality service and outstanding advice.

The French creator

20% of collections are made in France, on the production lines of Bocage’s workshops in the heart of the Maine and Loire region. Bocage focuses on offering perfection with its keen eye for detail. A creator above all else, the brand’s expertise and authenticity are the main features of the production process. The brand always seeks out the best suppliers and develops new technologies and materials which allow Bocage to create exclusive models which respond to the specific needs of those who want well-fitting footwear. Materials including lamb and calfskin are selected piece by piece, as part of Bocage’s constant search for quality.

Enviable fashion

Bocage’s collections are created for women and men today who don’t want to look like anyone else. With Bocage, every woman can remain true to her own style, creating her own version of the latest looks, based on her personality and preferences. Every Bocage model is urban yet sophisticated, with a bold added touch to offset the design, giving each pair a different twist and making the collection entirely unique. There’s something for everyone.

  • The creator of shoes

    The brand’s priority has always been creativity. Each pair of shoes is developed by stylist teams which create exclusive models within the integrated style office. These designers are genuine fans of fashion, drawing their inspiration from the latest trends while imprinting Bocage’s identity on each model. That’s why Bocage offers such unique style. The brand is bold and is not afraid to experiment with new styles. It’s perfect for women who want to combine an urban chic look with a nonchalant feminine style. Our collections are eternally elegant and refined, with innovative new touches and are always comfortable to wear. Bocage strives for the perfect balance between sophistication and comfort, elegance and free spirit boldness, whilst always ensuring the creation of unique pieces which tell a particular story and reveal a new facet of personality.

  • Bocage serving its clients

    Bocage wants to make every visit to its stores a unique experience. The brand is focused on clients’ well-being, listening to and advising every client; as a result of this, Bocage has always wanted to create a cosy and intimate atmosphere in stores so that every client feels comfortable.